Immediate Objectives
  • Research and identify women achievers from all sectors of society.
  • Form a partnership with promoters such as print and electronic media.
  • Utilize different forms of performing arts to promote the theme of the year.
  • Encourage the achievers by recognizing their contributions through print and electronic media.
  • Act as a catalyst to introduce these women achievers to society at large through interactions with each other and previous recipients as well as women focused organizations.
  • Compile the stories of the achievers in a booklet.
Development Objectives
  • Inspire and motivate women by sharing the stories of the trials and successes of women achievers who come from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds.
  • Document the stories of the women achievers in print, audio and video formats to preserve authentic, unbiased and well researched information about Nepali women.
  • Promote positive achievements to negate negative examples.
  • Establish a network of women achievers.
  • Encourage different art forms to highlight and motivate creativity. Promote the conservation of classical, traditional, folk and ritualistic forms of dance, music, literature, theatre and other performing arts.
Project Strategy
  • Form core Celebrating Womanhood committee
  • Research and identify women achievers.
  • Form jury to select winners by mid September.
  • Select art forms to project the theme of the year
  • Identify artistes.
  • Compile bio-datas of winners into life stories.
  • Organize press conferences, one to one meetings with the achievers and press coverage of the event.
  • Host event -Launch Book of recipients' biographies.
  • Compile documentation.
  • Distribute forms for next year’s nominations.
  • Establish a network of Celebrating Womanhood achievers.