Concept of Celebrating Womanhood

Nepal is a country of myriad cultures, people and beliefs. Intercultural exchanges are practiced and revered when it comes to worship of different Gods and Goddesses. Hindus and non Hindus alike are aware of and revere the female divinities; Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga as goddesses representing wealth, knowledge and power. Ironically it is in these very sectors that Nepali women find themselves deprived of in terms of access to basic rights and opportunity.

The Celebrating Womanhood Awards are named after nine Goddesses representing nine different areas. More than for their religious significance, it is for the attributes of the Goddesses that we have done so. It is our belief that it is more important to acknowledge and respect real women than to just worship deities.

Celebrating Womanhood is an event that honours and promotes women who have overcome social and cultural practices and barriers to achieve a breakthrough in their field of work. Celebrating Womanhood not only honours and felicitates women for the one night but sets a precedent by retaining contact with the awardees for helping other women through mentoring, encouraging and identifying other women who want to achieve their own visions.