Celebrating Womanhood Unsung Change Makers 2018

The Celebrating Womanhood Unsung change Makers 2018 was held on April 10, 2018 at Yala Maya Kendra, Patan, Kathmandu, Nepal. The event was attended by past recipients, representatives of different women organizations, media and supporters of Celebrating Womanhood.

SSY Creations has partnered with Liverpool John Moore University (LJMU) to compile and present these powerful and motivational stories as study material for interested institutions across the globe. The online version of the stories will be available on LJMU website soon.

Celebrating Womanhood Unsung Change Makers is an outcome of Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards. It aims at documenting and sharing inspiring stories of women who have risen above all adversities and made a positive change in their personal lives and their communities across Nepal. Authentic, unbiased and well researched information on such women has been identified and documented over the past 14 years.  25 of the stories have been further researched upon and are being documented into motivating powerful presentations and study material for the women studies department of Liverpool John Moore University. These stories are also tried and tested tools for success while addressing the issue of women empowerment. These stories also offer an opportunity of fruitful partnerships between these women leaders and influential women at national and international level.

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Celebrating Womanhood (CW) is committed to finding real life examples of strength and accomplishments made by women to inspire other women to aspire to do the same. The general practice in approaching women’s issues is focused on identifying problems, creating a data base on the problems identified and advocating the need for change. The different aspects and elements of change are not identified or highlighted further in the form of achievable actions and outcomes but are more of recommendations and amendments especially targeted to concerned authorities and organizations. One major component that seems to be left out is highlighting outcomes and changes at the ground level. Yes, the various women’s movements and acts are to be credited with the change brought about in policies and awareness level regarding gender equality. But it is now time to analyze and move ahead to the next level. The focus now has to shift from activists and advocates to implementers and practitioners.

CW focuses on the changes brought about by the ‘real agents of change’. With a little bit of assurance at the policy level, women from across the nation have contributed greatly to all sectors. Women have multiple responsibilities not only as mothers, wives and daughters-in-law; but also as upholders of traditional and cultural norms and practices. Nevertheless, their will and grit has definitely brought about a shift in conventional mind-sets and ideologies regarding women’s role in society. This is the time to promote and benefit from their stories.  These stories highlight factors like social surroundings/background, cultural beliefs, and geographical factors which play a pivotal role in their quest for an equal and balanced society. We believe that these inspiring stories represent the changing face and roles of the South Asian women. These women are in fact real life examples of change that has been advocated by national and international organizations working for women and human rights. While being indicators of positive change, their examples can guide us on what further steps need to be taken if we are to truly achieve ‘women empowerment’.  

Contact Person: Shrijana Singh Yonjan, email: syonjan@gmail.com