The nine national awards are named after nine Hindu Goddesses to honor the symbolism of each godess rather than for their religious connotations. It is also a reminder of the irony that Nepali women are disadvantaged in the very sectors where the goddesses are worshipped.

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The female divinity of grain, abundance, nourishing care, prosperity and the seed of inspiration.

This award is presented to a woman working in the field of environment and creative arts.

She is the goddess of divine energy and denotes self-awareness.

This award is presented to a woman who impacts lives by bringing about positive change through the medium of media and literary works.

The goddess of infinite energy, Bhawani denotes power and absolutely vitality.

This award is presented to a woman dedicated to the field of sports or to a task requiring great physical and emotional strength.

Durga is the great warrior Goddess whose energy becomes lethal when directed against the forces of evils.

This award honors the woman who has dared to challenge concepts , beliefs and practices that demean women.

Karuna denotes compassion and sympathy.Karuna also denotes peace and order.

The Karuna award honors the woman who has dedicated her life to social work.

Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and good fortune.

This is awarded to a woman entrepreneur who has managed to break new grounds and provides opputunities to others.

Ethereal, bewitching and celestial, Mahamaya is the creator of illusions.

This award is presented to a woman from the field of theatre, performing arts and glamour.

The goddess of learning and the arts.

The award is presented to teachers and literary figures dedicated to imparting knowledge.

She is resolve will, vast energy, self-awareness and strength.

This award is given to a woman showing extraordinary strength.We endeavor to search for someone who has dared to achieve the seemingly impossible.