Celebrating Womanhood Themes

Celebrating womanhood has successfully completed its ninth year in Nepal. Over the past nine years 85 Nepali and 6 South Asian women have been honored with the Celebrating Womanhood recognition. In addition special mentions to 3 women and 3 men have been presented for their contribution and support to women issues. Celebrating Womanhood successfully held its seventh national and the first ever South Asian Region Recognition in October 2008.

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Celebrating Womanhood has experimented with different art forms. Each year has had a different theme encapsulating artists and performers of different kinds.

Being Nepali

Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards showcased a variety of songs and a special dance on the theme of what it mean being a Nepali. Songs composed by Maestro Gopal Yonjan were sung by popular artists of today.

Reetu Ranga – Colors of the seasons in accordance with the different Aspects of Womanhood

Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards was hosted this year at the Gurukul theatre with the theme of the different moods and aspects of women. The awardees were more spread out representing the far west, west, east, south east sectors of Nepal.

Unity in Diversity

Celebrating Womanhood is currently in the process of organizing its seventh National and First Regional Award Function.

Social Inclusion

The Danish Cultural Grant was the main supporter of 2007's edition of Celebrating womanhood Navadevi Awards. The theme for the year was; Social Inclusion. A special dance item based on the theme was presented on the occasion. Celebrating Womanhood also honored 2 men working for women empowerment for the first time.

Women & Culture

Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards was supported by the Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare in 2006. Presentation of the awards preceded a cultural program put together by senior Nepali artists.

2005 An Ode To Women

From the chanting of traditional mantras to songs in English & Nepali, all songs were dedicated to women and womanhood. A special highlight of the evening was the father and daughter team of Vijay and Akansha Lama singing together for the first time.

A first of its kind book in Nepal compiling the biographies of the Celebrating Womanhood award 2002/2003/2004 winners was launched at this function.

The Highlights of Nepal

The third year's edition of Celebrating Womanhood was opened by a special musical program presented by the girls from Maiti Nepal. It was the first public performance of the girls who are all survivors of trafficking. The program was followed by a special fashion show showcasing designs inspired by birds, flowers and traditional wear and artifacts of Nepal.

Women Down the Ages

Celebrating Womanhood 2003 was based on history and culture. A special item was prepared and performed by 4 senior female dancers above the age of 50. Each dancer represented a special aspect of Nepal - the mountains, the rivers, nature and heritage. One of them, Sarita Shrestha had not performed for years and was initially hesitant. She credits Celebrating Womanhood for inspiring her to go on stage after a long gap. Since then she has performed a number of times at special functions.

Stages of womanhood

The first year’s theme focused on the stages of womanhood – from birth to death. It portrayed her connectivity to the five elements and peace. 40 individuals participated in this extravaganza of music, fashion and dance.