About Us

Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards is the only awards for Nepali women that recognizes and honors real life heroines who represent all sectors of society from different regions of the country. It was established in 2002 by Creative Statements to honor the achievements of women from nine different professional sectors.

Creative Statements believes that the key to women empowerment is highlighting and promoting the positive role and strengths of women in Nepal and the South Asian Region. For too long the focus has been on projecting women as weak, downtrodden, violated and in need of rescue, assistance and protection. The print and electronic media also based their reporting on sensation or tragedy more than achievements. In comparison to innumerous publications on the pathetic state of Nepali women, reports brought out on the contributions made by women are minimal in number.

Creative Statements knows and agrees that the status of the women in the South Asian region is shocking. The time has now come to increase awareness about the strengths and potential of women. Creative Statements believes in the power of positive thinking and positive attitudes because this positivity generates positive thoughts and actions.

Creative Statements commits itself to finding real life examples of strengths and accomplishments to inspire other women to aspire to do the same. Positive and possible examples are crucial to bringing about positive changes.

It is also Cs's special area of interest to preserve and present different forms of performing arts and make it part of the Celebrating Womanhood Awards. In the process of doing so CS has discovered and introduced deserving young talents and encouraged and recognized senior artists who somehow were lost amidst the crowd. CS also endeavors to work with artists who have the potential to understand, learn and experiment with their art forms developing it further to be utilized as a medium of sending out appropriate messages related to women, children, peace and development. These performances in turn have become matters of great archival value which can be utilized as a tool of disseminating awareness.